Hello World (I’m baaack!)

Whoa, holy time freeze. According to this blog, nothing sweet or delicious has happened since July of last year. And, well that’s not true at all. So I’m back on this space, trying to make it what I wanted in the first place: a blog to share the things I like to make and eat,… Continue reading Hello World (I’m baaack!)

What I ate in July

Let me start off by admitting, YES, I know this post is super late. I started it back in early August and am just finishing now, but since July is my favorite month of the year, I couldn’t just let it slide. It’s the month of my birthday and at no other month do I feel the fruits… Continue reading What I ate in July

Why Whole Wheat Pastry Flour?

I stumbled upon a great read by Joy the Baker about the difference between the most common wheat flours used for baking. Really, it’s fascinating, but in case you’re all TL;DR, here’s the gist of it. The defining difference is the amount of protein each type of flour has. All-purpose flour hovers around 10.5% (although King… Continue reading Why Whole Wheat Pastry Flour?

Thursday: What’s Tickling My Taste Buds

I spent most of my free-time online looking at food blogs (oh god it’s countless, I think I need a blogroll…), online food magazines (TheKitchn, Serious Eats, First We Feast, etc.) and sometimes the Dining section of NYTimes.com. Really, it’s like a second job with how much time I spend deep in a never-ending pile… Continue reading Thursday: What’s Tickling My Taste Buds

The End of My Oven

There. I said it. My poor oven, after limping along since November, is finally kaput! Sad, sad day. I didn’t want to write this because it meant I’ve really given up on it, and as a baking blogger, well how could I? On Monday, it took 30+ minutes to reach 120°F in the back of… Continue reading The End of My Oven

Chocolate Mousse Again (Because I Love It So Much)

I know, I know. This is the second time I brought up chocolate mousse, but I promise, this is worth it.  I’ll actually give the recipe this time. Also, this post is way (actually immensely) overdue, so much that today’s Valentine’s Day festivities make it relevant again, albeit barely. You can thank my work bff for begging… Continue reading Chocolate Mousse Again (Because I Love It So Much)

Happy 2014 from Croissants, Cookies & Crumb!

Happy New Year friends and followers =) I had a very fun, loving, and meaningful holiday season, and I hope you had one that was even better. After a quiet few months, CC&C is back. In fact, Croissants, Cookies & Crumb will go through a minor but very exciting update. There will still be baked… Continue reading Happy 2014 from Croissants, Cookies & Crumb!

Baked Goods on the Horizon: November Edition

Ok so as you can tell from last week’s post, I’m still all pie-brained. That’s not a word, or a thing, but I’m making it a thing. Now that Thanksgiving is only 9 days away, I realize I should probably get started. Sure there are things I could prepare in advance, and since I’m traveling,… Continue reading Baked Goods on the Horizon: November Edition

Link Love: Pies on my mind…

While so much of the country is talking about the first flurries this week, I’m sitting here wondering why I’m wearing a sweater when it’s 88 degrees out. Actually, I know the answer to that: the old rental house I live in, while charming, has terrible insulation. My house must suck up all the cold… Continue reading Link Love: Pies on my mind…

Whole Wheat Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

I have a confession. I made these cookies on Sunday to distract myself from fussing with a pot of chicken stock. Yes, I’m aware that’s a strange reason to make cookies, but it was my first try at chicken stock and I was anxious. Letting something simmer for 4+ hours isn’t the easiest thing for… Continue reading Whole Wheat Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies